My name is Jacob and I am born, end 1936, in 'Scheveningen', on the coast near The Hague, in South Holland. When I was three and a half years old, the war broke out. In the beginning we didn't notice much difference, but in 1943 we had to leave Scheveningen, the town became a forbidden area, part of the "Atlantikwall'. We moved to Leidschendam, a small village close to The Hague, the birth town of my father and his ancestors. We had a difficult time there, but came through all right. In June 1945 we moved back to Scheveningen again. After the primary school, three years high school and two years on the nautical school in Flushing, I sailed about seven years as a ships engineer on oil tankers. This was a monotonous, uneasy and very warm life, but I wouldn't have liked to miss it and am telling stories about my sailor life for forty years now! I saw a lot, all kinds of ports, but mainly I saw: LOTS of WATER. I resigned, studied for my second engineer ticket, was a teacher for a couple of months and, with my fresh certificate, found a job in the south east of the Netherlands, with a company which manufactured textile printing machines.

I erected and serviced these printing machines all over the world and my craving for adventure became pretty well satisfied. Later on, I was married in the mean time, I changed over to the graphic industry, made much shorter trips, mainly in Europe, to install and service (proof) printing systems. The secondary colors, yellow, cyan and magenta, put their stamp upon me, as you can see!

Well, in the mean time I am a retired person, live in the heart of the Netherlands and besides just living on, I keep busy by writing, calculating, drawing and painting.

If you want to know more: read my BOOK, but you have to know Dutch then. (So far it is not translated in English yet). The same goes for REPORTS. Look on my weblog.

But there are LINKS to my pictures and paintings!